Platform Therapeutics

Our technology is inspired by you.

Our Health Insight Platform, Canary, marries data gathered from your mobile phone with the latest advances in data analytics, medical monitoring, and behavioral science to provide you with personalized health insights that allow you and your physician to make the best possible health decisions.

A self learning health analytics platform trained on delivering behavioral guidance that drives health outcomes.


No black boxes. No jargon. Our data science team works hard to help you understand your health through your own data. With expertise in machine learning, statistics, and analytics, we develop algorithms that don’t just make accurate predictions about the future of your health; they explain their predictions in plain English. The result is trustworthy, actionable insight for individuals and healthcare providers.


Bringing your personal healthcare into the age of data and the intelligent machine. The volume and variety of data that we all create just by living our normal lives day to day is unprecedented. This information can be used to help you live a more healthy lifestyle and to better manage your disease.


Our mobile applications remain in the background and decipher the behavioral and health information about you that counts. We use the latest empirical behavioral data and the most effective communication channels that motivate you to make the best possible health decisions.


We utilize the most up to date medical studies to develop our medical logic. This logic is supplemented by your information and our algorithms to allow our applications to give you personalized insight that’s useful to you and your physician.